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pansies-from-fernleaAn art project at age nine was using a sponge to apply watercolors to paper creating pansies. This child didn’t know pansies. But the process revealed heart shaped petals in purple and yellows. Ohhh, it’s a flower! A pretty flower. Her mother’s sincere acceptance of this gift of the pansy painting imbedded them into her heart. Continue reading

Fern Pearson

Only weeks after awkward bed bath simulations on each other and not more than three patients, freshmen nurses were assigned to three half days of patient care on the medical-surgical services. Assignments were posted the afternoon prior to the big day. The freshmen sprang toward that bulletin board like it was a ribbon at the end of a race. But it was only the beginning. Continue reading

Polishing Gratitude

2013-01-09 20.15.35I will always hold my parents and parochial school teachers in high regard for teaching all who dwelt within the importance of manners. Please and thank you were words learned just shortly after Dada and Momma. The please was more understood and sincere in it’s wanting of something.

As a kid, thank you lost its wonder except maybe at Christmas or birthdays or the OK for an overnight at a friend’s house. Thank you was simply more reflexive to complete the circuit of communication. Continue reading

Writing From My Body -Digits

2013-05-05 16.45.24Toes, phalanges, fingers on the earth. Long, lean, jointed wonders with one wayward,curled piggy going wee wee wee all the way home.

Fat, big toes, nails trimmed short. They began to grow hair at a too-tender age. I took them for granted, disparaged them often and failed to realize their importance. Attached to my feet, I’d learned somewhere to revile them as ugly. Broad, wide feet with narrow heels- what a firm understanding for a tall, ample soul whose life often rode a chaotic roller coaster Continue reading


With obstetrics and general surgery rotations behind her, student nurse Zelda was to begin Orthopedic/Neurology rotation that spring semester. Zelda had observed an abdominal surgery and even assisted passing instruments in  surgery, an appendectomy.  Her instructor was surprised by this fearlessness.  But, her confidence was sagging slightly after watching a hip replacement surgery.  Continue reading

Talking to Girls

Cloe & me

Cloe & me

One of my favorite Oprah quotes is, “When you Know better, you can Do better.” She credits learning that from Maya Angelou. This has been a most helpful and loving reminder about changing. Several weeks ago I read an article posted by a busy mom I respect. The article is not ‘news’ since it was written in 2011 but, “How to Talk to Girls” by Latina Fatale was an eye-opener for me. Continue reading

Back Rub

lotionpour2In preparation for nursing school, I was a nurse’s aide at St. Francis Hospital in 1969-1971. We had rules, lots of rules. It was a time of very stringent delineation of roles, each with its own strict uniform. Aides were always clad in flesh-colored panty hose and white leather shoes. We donned white short sleeved blouses beneath our polyester turquoise pinafores that rustled like a plastic shower curtain with each movement. Continue reading