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I want my words to make you weep
To gasp, recoil and laugh
I want to surprise
To shock and sometimes blur your consciousness

Let my ink glide and salve
the wound that needs licking
Let me expose and eviscerate offenses
and tenderly repair the hurt

Batty for Bats

bat-31963 Age 11 Bat

We grew up in the home where my dad was born. The middle room contained a door that opened to a short, steep flight of unfinished wooden stairs leading to the attic. It was dark, ominous and terrifying to kids who lived in more modern homes. I loved the attic. The best feature
the door, was completely camouflaged. Knotty pine paneling covered the entire wall including the door without a knob or handle. That corner of the room was always a promise of intrigue or surprise. Continue reading

Hello Zelda

It was late May, Graduation Day for the class of 1969 of Perpetual Frustration. The gaggle of over- wrought, competitive, impatient, adult wanna-bees wilted among the cool limestone columns of the cathedral walls. It was the mandatory practice ceremony to get the heck outta town. This women’s academy and time of life had simply grown too small for them. Oddly, the gray stone walls and small altar alcoves had been a place for scouting, courting and eventual mating dances Continue reading