I Hardly Ever Cry

A Very Ugly Part of Me I hardly ever cry. I do have occasional leakage from my lower lids.Just a few drips that spill slowly over the rim’s ridge that I can stall with careful breathing, a flurry of activity and panic hormones. My eyes and tear ducts work. A particularly tender song lyric, a … [Read more…]

A Letter to Someone Dear

A Letter to Someone Dear Mom, I was just thinking of you. I bet you were thinking of me too. So often we shared that knowing, desire, and intuition that caused the phone to ring allowing us to hear each others voices. It’s been a long time since we’ve talked and with Thanksgiving approaching and … [Read more…]


My friend is a widow, a person of decorum and dignity. She’s not a prude, unworldly or naïve. She simply needed a flannel shirt to complete her Halloween costume. Parking near the store entrance at the busy mall, she lingered to make a quick phone before leaving the car. Chatting away she noticed a nice … [Read more…]