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Book Review

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My Last Step Backwards is a great title and good advice in a world encouraging constant self improvement. The beautiful woman on the cover is, quite literally, a beauty queen. Author Tasha Schuh is well educated, young, glowing, is full of possibility and promise with a radiant smile. Like many a gift, this is the pretty packaging. Inside reveals devastation and triumph.
Are you are drawn to life-altering drama, perils that overwhelm the imagination and surprise endings? My Last Step Backwards reveals much about modern day family life in a small Midwestern community, aspirations of youth and emerging womanhood. But the real story is of grit, determination, love and a very deep faith. It broke my parent heart. It made me feel admiration for family, friends and healthcare providers. It shattered some of my own beliefs and experiences as a nurse.
I ached for the periods of delirium, depression and utter fatigue. I was humbled again and again. I learned that I have much more to learn about faith, focus, grace and gratitude. What most people see when they meet Tasha is her losses. Tasha Schuh is a C5 quadriplegic due to a fall through a trap door preparing for a high school production.
The fact she alive is a miracle. Amazingly she describes ‘being saved by a disaster.’ Tasha is not just alive, she is vibrant, on-the- go, and educated. She is a professional inspirational speaker who shares her journey and its lessons. She drives. She inspires. She loves, laughs and worships. Tasha is a very public personality and has written this book.
Tasha Schuh makes the world a better place and anything is possible. Read her book. Hire her to speak. Get inspired. Become her student for she is wise and wonderful. Facebook/TashaSchuh99


photo 1My hiatus from posting, honestly, from writing is due to my lack of discipline. I marvel how easily one disappointment can counteract six kinds of encouragement in me. The alchemy of my thinking drives me to seek the isolation of ‘research’ and introspection; aka worry, negative self talk, listlessness. Disruptions to my plans or schedule provide sufficient excuses for wasting time or saying yes to yet more distractions.
Admitting this makes me think of a good friend, a therapist and colleague who recently used the gesture of raising both hands and flexing pointer and tall man fingers inwardly, a pretty common Illustration of quote marks. In her precise comedic timing, she explained that whatever was IN the quotes was a source of pain. Notice, I’ve carefully avoided the quotes so far. Continue reading