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Oil Change at 162K Miles

I successfully changed the oil in my car yesterday for the first time in my life. Granted, I had help from Gary, my husband. Per usual, I’m taking full credit and I have a bit of residual oil staining a couple of nails as proof. I decided to change my car’s oil in a state of austerity thinking along with raw stubbornness.
I drive a compact car. I am NOT compact. Fortunately we do have a couple of ramps to elevate the front of the car. I lined them up, eyeballing the width of the front tires while standing 10-15 feet away. I go to the driver’s seat and Gary yells, “No! Let me help you.” He grabs the ramps tucking and aligning each with a tire. “Just Drive and I’ll tell you when,” he instructs. I put her in gear and head forward just over and past the ramp on the right, lodging it beneath the car. Dislodge, realign, more coaching as Gary stands in front of the car. Continue reading


photo(1)It is not uncommon to get a song stuck in my head. “First you say you do And then you don’t, Then you say you will, And then you won’t, You’re undecided now, So what are you going to do?” are the lyrics that have nagged at me.
Luckily it is a playful tune of push and pull, expectation and disappointment, of yes and no popularized
by Ella Fitzgerald. The title of this song is “Undecided.” Like the song, I was trying to move a relationship that was stuck, and for me had started to fester.

“Now you want to play, And then it’s no, And when you say you’ll stay, That’s when you go. You’re undecided now. So what are you going to do?. Continue reading