Oprah for President

Oh, and I do mean O what fun to imagine the campaign and term or two with Oprah Winfrey as commander in chief. She already has millions of fans, is a powerful, impassioned, and proven orator. She has demonstrated grace, courage and humility in the public eye for decades with limited scandal. Oprah connects with … [Read more…]

Cartoon Coping

As a kid,  I had no imaginary friend. I did have a constant cartoon station playing in my head. It was a audio-visual processor with instant replay, color, speed control all set strictly for comedy. This was before color TVs,when 3 TV stations existed and operated a mere 19 hours of the day. My independent … [Read more…]

Convenient Is Not Simple

Day off task:  Get new primary care physician in Indy I want to stay in same health system Fully integrated electronic medical records Good to great patient service experience so far Did my research and due diligence- decision made Now- let’s make it so! I go to the ‘convenient’ on line chat. Here’s what happened. … [Read more…]