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Oprah for President

Oh, and I do mean O what fun to imagine the campaign and term or two with Oprah Winfrey as commander in chief.

She already has millions of fans, is a powerful, impassioned, and proven orator. She has demonstrated grace, courage and humility in the public eye for decades with limited scandal. Oprah connects with people, all kinds of people. She is interested in understanding and influencing through education. Oprah READS, an art lost on the current White House tenant. Can you imagine the President’s Book Club?

There’s no topic off limits.The great is not prone to childlike tantrums or bullying.Oprah is far more likely to win someone over through reason, kindness, keeping them close,or sending a few of her favorite things.
She relies on research, evidence relying on professional and expert advice and in her decision making and strategy formation.

Powerful Leader

Oprah knows who she is and is confident. She needn’t blow her own horn or protest too loudly as does the incumbent. Oprah is in the habit of lifting people up, never  putting them down, belittling or name calling.
On the practical side, if O was president we would have dogs in the white house. Regarding the national deficit,her entourage is small compared the generations living on the nation’s dime today.We understand Oprah is not above a bit of nepotism- Gayle is definitely a part of the package.

Oprah is a media darling. She came up through the newsroom as a reporter and understands the power and sacred trust of a story and the effects on its audience. Oprah is fun. She loves the arts and is curious about the world. Oprah has invited us into her home, shared recipes, and sent many home with leftovers. She remains frugal and detail-focused. She expects her Tupperware to be returned. Oprah is trust worthy.
We have seen her at every size and in her pajamas. We’ve danced with her, thought we were backups for Tina Turner. Oprah creates intimacy and relationship. Sometimes we learned more than we wanted or needed to know about very intimate topics.

RV sales, Fly Fishing and our National Parks visits would all increase with replays of the Oprah and Gayle
Camping adventure.

I feel happier, encouraged and hopeful about the future of this country with this little fantasy. Feel free to add and embellish about Oprah as President.
Michele, Party of One







Cartoon Coping

As a kid,  I had no imaginary friend. I did have a constant cartoon station playing in my head.
It was a audio-visual processor with instant replay, color, speed control all set strictly for comedy.
This was before color TVs,when 3 TV stations existed and operated a mere 19 hours of the day.

My independent network was a big source of entertainment boldly satirizing characters, and reordering.
dialogue that regularly improved my position as hero. Instead of dreaming, I watched reruns and edited,
rewrote and directed in my head.

It was shocking, albeit satisfying to learn I possessed a gift of a that not everyone enjoyed. 
My network,Cartoon Coping, served me well.  It helped me be funny, to laugh at myself, to laugh at
and with others,process hurts and transgressions,to be playful and to be flexible.
It would wax and wane as life and work appeared (or pretended to be)  more adult.
It was the abrupt blackout of my personal network that initially went unnoticed and I later grieved
when treated for my first episode of depression.

Cartoon Coping never returned with same reliability under the adjusted network owner. Character drawings
and fun loving story lines appeared during more elevated moods and temperament. Perhaps watching was
no longer useful or was replaced with new found amusements.  Fortunately both my capacity and appetite for
humor are well intact as I rely more heavily on real friends and family and study for coping. Life is funny
in moment and in the retelling.




Convenient Is Not Simple

Day off task:  Get new primary care physician in Indy

  1. I want to stay in same health system
  2. Fully integrated electronic medical records
  3. Good to great patient service experience so far
  4. Did my research and due diligence- decision made

Now- let’s make it so!

I go to the ‘convenient’ on line chat. Here’s what happened.

joshua: Hello, You are connected now to joshua.

joshua: Hello. Thank you for chatting with a live operator at How may I help you?

Michele: Want to transfer physician records/change PCP from Dr Great Guy, Anderson IN to Dr. Hope You’re Good in Greenwood IN

Michele: This is for me and my husbad. We have moved to Indy

Michele: Husband, not HusBad—damn spellcheck

joshua: Okay. You can request your records from your old Doctor’s office or your new doctor can send the request over and get those records sent over. (ignores my witty word play….No sense of humor! Big tip off)

Michele: Do I need to access MY Chart to accomplish? I’ve not used My chart.

joshua: No. But you can login if you have an account and change your doctor’s name. (What?)

joshua: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Michele: “You can request your records from your old Doctor’s office or your new doctor…” To request records, do I need to contact by phone, during busy business hours? I’m feeling disappointed . Thought this connectedness could be achieved through this online chat.

joshua: I apologize no. You would have to call and request your records. We only assist with finding new doctors and general information.

Michele: UUhhhggg. Thanks Live operator. You have disconnected.

My laptop then butts in stating, “Ask Cortana about Joshua”……’s a sinister plot!

Give credit when due. I did get a call from Pt. Access person.   Two more calls. I’m back in 1990’s

Snail mail, sign forms and post back. Almost there……We’ve come so far, chasing our tails.

Convenient Is Not Simple