band 4Nothing is as useless as a band aid that won’t stick. You know the ones. The off brand deal that sat in a drawer or first aid box too long, maybe more thought went into the packaging than the product. But a band-aid that covers and sticks can be magical. It can be a minor tourniquet, a protective cover, a badge of honor and with the right decoration even better than a loved one’s (2) They can keep the dirt out, buffer a scab and even dispense a medicine. Band-Aids are supposed to help healing and protect, to make things better.
Band-Aids can camouflage a bruise, tattoo or a hickey. Sometimes, Band-Aids act as co-conspirators to a lie or two. For young children they can be miniature magic carpets for attention, imaginary events, and perhaps early stimuli for story- 3
I see Band-Aids as metaphor for nursing and nurturing . How about you? I’d love to know.
Do you have a Band-Aid story to tell? Please do.

2 thoughts on “Band-Aids

  1. Pam Kolter

    It’s an easy way to get the grandkids to stop crying………..”Let’s get a bandaid for that”………..instant healing, physical and emotional!!

  2. Michele Wood Post author

    Brilliant……a little plastic strip of love! Like sealing with a kiss!
    thanks for sharing. I’m quite tickled.


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