A Letter to Someone Dear

A Letter to Someone Dear

I was just thinking of you. I bet you were thinking of me too. So often we shared that knowing, desire, and intuition that caused the phone to ring allowing us to hear each others voices. It’s been a long time since we’ve talked and with Thanksgiving approaching and as the branches of trees grow bare you seem today more near.

I remember with affection, you directing us girls in the art of Hank’s perfect pie-making. What a fun day! All of us crowded in the kitchen, towels, flour, stories swirled amid the laughter while we dutifully forked and cut Crisco into flour trying to achieve the perfect crusts. Tethered to the oxygen but soaring in higher spirits than we’d seen in weeks, you were engaged and in command. We rejoiced and you seemed proud.

Little did any of us really know that this would be the last Thanksgiving we’d share before becoming orphans. You could still breathlessly tell the greatest stories. Your lovely blue eyes and kind heart, despite the great loneliness for dad, were such a gift to us. We speak of it still and will again this year.

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