A Very Good Day

dsc_1147It was a collision of circumstances that could not have been orchestrated. No pressing plans or commitments for the entire day, a gloomy rainy day a terrific book and me. I didn’t know the book would capture my attention so quickly and weather doesn’t keep me from being out and about. Rather than leave my bed I reached for the book thinking I’d just see were I’d stopped and what I remembered. A couple of chapters later the phone rang. Gary called to say he was on his way home with hot cinnamon rolls. I was pleased.

Gary made a fire to fight damp chill. I announced that I was going to read as I plopped on the sofa in front of the fire and spread the book open. Perfectly content and deep into the character’s life, a sandwich was handed to me before I even sensed any hunger. I ate the treat and continued to devour the pages. Changing positions and getting up to the john were the only interruptions. In the early evening I did stop long enough to fix a simple supper and share some conversation. Life is so good.

Returning to the book was a must at this point. I can joke in a boastful way that I burned no more than ten calories in those 12-14 hours simply breathing and moving my eyes along the pages. I finished the book and felt and continue to feel deeply satisfied. It was a great read, but more importantly it was my gift to me. I was gifted by my husband’s generosity in supporting this decision and then caring for my needs. This is definitely Radical Self Care. It was spontaneous, uncomplicated and restorative. It was self indulgent in a good way. My body, mind and spirit all are better for doing so.

6 thoughts on “A Very Good Day

  1. Pam Kolter

    I have a similiar memory one Christmas vacation. The kids had a new Atari (remember those?) and I had “Lonesome Dove”…………all I did for days was read, eat and listen to the kids play Atari………..blistful holiday for all!!

  2. Madonna #6

    Sounds wonderful! Happy you enjoyed the day. I love your writings, Michele. Keeps me wanting more. Love you.

  3. Deborah Barr Cairns

    A wonderful description of a day well spent on yourself. I have a tendency to only allow that type of self-care when I am ill. Hence, I believe that I sometimes will “work/worry myself to death” in order to feel that I deserve a day of rest and enjoyment of a good book. I am getting better. Healing is an ongoing theme in my life right now. I know that to heal is to rest in the arms of my Maker, and he/she doesn’t judge my housekeeping. Busy-ness can be such a distraction to a healthy spiritual life. That is why I love retreats so much.

    1. Michele Wood Post author

      Anne Lamott constantly tickles me with her Radical Self Care strategies especially in her recent books Help Thanks Wow and Stitches. Another quick tip that has stayed with me for years is to treat yourself in the same manner we would treat our best friend. Perhaps that is one of the gifts of aging slowing down in spite of our best thinking. Thanks for your response. I welcome other conversations and appreciate your sharing my stories with others. Blessings to you Deb.


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