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Cropped 49

Hi. I’m Michele Wood – Nurse and Master Story Teller

Leading individuals and organizations with experience, strength and hope.

I am a nurse who has taken the time to recharge, explore and to reinvent. I now spend time crafting words and telling stories both true and fictional. I share my experience, strength and hope. I have the wisdom to both challenge and heal. Some say I have wicked sense of humor. I am funny! Provoking thought, stimulating change and satisfying appetites for laughter are my goals.

I have been a boundary bender since age 5. I emerged as an entrepreneur at age 10 demonstrated by relentless, wouldn’t take “NO’ door-to-door sales of catalogue flower and vegetable seeds. I honed my sales training through Catholic schools fundraisers and strong coaching support at home where I received top candy sales of slightly waxy, chocolate logs as a high school freshman. Even though I was busted in 1st grade by a seemingly nice lunch lady for prevarication, I was voted class president 8-10th grades at two schools.

I enjoyed nearly every day of nursing in OB- GYN, Family Planning, Infertility and all aspects of Women’s Health. Through work in perinatal bereavement, breast Cancer and sexual assault I was challenged and valued. I witnessed and sometimes played a tiny role in horrific events in patients’ lives witnessing miracles of healing grace at the hands of healthcare professionals, families and God.

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