Anniversary 2013-01-16 12.09.03
30 years… surprising, shocking, comforting, even triumphant. We both feel proud at our achievement. We proclaim our love/gratitude. Surprised how language of love morphs over the years.
Our eldest asked, “Are you going out? Anything to celebrate?” “Yeah, we’ll be watching TV and glad to be alive,” I taunt.
Frankly, I will do what I do and Gary will do likewise. We’ll regroup at 7 pm or after and talk about our days. That’s the pace, the movement of our lives in mid fifty mode. We check on the boys, the dogs and divide demands and make lists. We gather strength, and comfort in security, safety, health in the kind of love acquired over the years. We’re long distance walkers of slow speed, less drama, simple pleasure kind of folks with still semi-large appetites for laughter, art and entertainment. We’re more now dream people than adventurers, storytellers not hay makers.
We were once hot, spicy Bloody Mary’s” now, more like a tomato aspic at a garden party, tepid, jiggly, and very colorful.

6 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Gretchen

    What a lovely tribute, it sounds like it comes straight from the heart. Congratulations… on 30 years, on a fine piece of writing, and on achieving the fullness of you.

  2. kelly

    Love the way you describe the two of you! I could see you! Congratulations on the anniversary and cant wait to read more!

  3. Katie

    You make my heart spin in JOY and GRATITUDE for showing us HOW to love. How to make love last. And being REAL. You, my dearest Michele… are a vessel to bring us all into the importance of life. I love reading your blog!!!!! This is probably your very best one yet!!!!!


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