Cartoon Coping

As a kid,  I had no imaginary friend. I did have a constant cartoon station playing in my head. It was a audio-visual processor with instant replay, color, speed control all set strictly for comedy. This was before color TVs,when 3 TV stations existed and operated a mere 19 hours of the day. My independent … [Read more…]

Less Than

My school clothes were shed as the nun directed. I stood in nothing but panties, socks and shoes in the basement of the convent. All the other girls wore slips or undershirts. Alone, I stood bare-chested in the chill of the concrete room waiting to be fit with a satin frock for May Crowning. Please … [Read more…]

Batty for Bats

1963 Age 11 Bat We grew up in the home where my dad was born. The middle room contained a door that opened to a short, steep flight of unfinished wooden stairs leading to the attic. It was dark, ominous and terrifying to kids who lived in more modern homes. I loved the attic. The … [Read more…]


An art project at age nine was using a sponge to apply watercolors to paper creating pansies. This child didn’t know pansies. But the process revealed heart shaped petals in purple and yellows. Ohhh, it’s a flower! A pretty flower. Her mother’s sincere acceptance of this gift of the pansy painting imbedded them into her … [Read more…]