A Letter to Someone Dear

A Letter to Someone Dear Mom, I was just thinking of you. I bet you were thinking of me too. So often we shared that knowing, desire, and intuition that caused the phone to ring allowing us to hear each others voices. It’s been a long time since we’ve talked and with Thanksgiving approaching and … [Read more…]

Batty for Bats

1963 Age 11 Bat We grew up in the home where my dad was born. The middle room contained a door that opened to a short, steep flight of unfinished wooden stairs leading to the attic. It was dark, ominous and terrifying to kids who lived in more modern homes. I loved the attic. The … [Read more…]


An art project at age nine was using a sponge to apply watercolors to paper creating pansies. This child didn’t know pansies. But the process revealed heart shaped petals in purple and yellows. Ohhh, it’s a flower! A pretty flower. Her mother’s sincere acceptance of this gift of the pansy painting imbedded them into her … [Read more…]


Anniversary 30 years… surprising, shocking, comforting, even triumphant. We both feel proud at our achievement. We proclaim our love/gratitude. Surprised how language of love morphs over the years. Please follow and like Michele: