My Writing

My writing life is evolving, pulsating, ebbing, and waning. Scratching the surface, scattering seed like chickens in a pen. Millet, cracked corn, husks and occasional bits of meat poured upon the page. With the discipline of assignments and the cracked sash of a window of opportunity causes me to scribble with increased frequency and with … [Read more…]


Nothing is as useless as a band aid that won’t stick. You know the ones. The off brand deal that sat in a drawer or first aid box too long, maybe more thought went into the packaging than the product. But a band-aid that covers and sticks can be magical. It can be a minor … [Read more…]

Nurse Spin

I’ve tried to reel myself in on the best of what I know that would be helpful to nurses today. I struggle with this because of my contorted view of nursing. I am grateful and proud to have been trained and to have enjoyed a paid career as a nurse,in my case a registered nurse. … [Read more…]


I want my words to make you weep To gasp, recoil and laugh I want to surprise To shock and sometimes blur your consciousness Let my ink glide and salve the wound that needs licking Let me expose and eviscerate offenses and tenderly repair the hurt Please follow and like Michele: