Nothing is as useless as a band aid that won’t stick. You know the ones. The off brand deal that sat in a drawer or first aid box too long, maybe more thought went into the packaging than the product. But a band-aid that covers and sticks can be magical. It can be a minor … [Read more…]

I Hardly Ever Cry

A Very Ugly Part of Me I hardly ever cry. I do have occasional leakage from my lower lids.Just a few drips that spill slowly over the rim’s ridge that I can stall with careful breathing, a flurry of activity and panic hormones. My eyes and tear ducts work. A particularly tender song lyric, a … [Read more…]


Sweet Honey & the Rock’s beautiful accapella harmony of Stay a Little Longer is about urging a lover to remain, stay a little longer, staaay a little looonger with me. I recall The sweetness and stickiness of love The pull the connection The pain of separation Staaay. Staaay a little looonger. Stay a little longer … [Read more…]