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Story of the Stump

downloadstumpI’m so excited to finally get to the keyboard with my big nagging question of the week. What’s the Story of the Stump? There’s big tree stump that projects beyond the metal guard rails on Westfield Boulevard. It is the hewn end,separated by slightly unparallel swaths of a good sized chain saw. It has the shattered irregular shards of the wood dividing its center, a jagged path of near a foot and half.
The peculiar part that piques my interest is that the stump is decorated. I don’t mean memorialized, accident site decorated. Its more face- painted. Today’s version hosts a five point white star with two bull’s eye rings of red and blue. Last month it was a flower, an umbrella before that.
Each month or holiday features a different painted image. For example, in the year plus I’ve traveled this route I’ve seen a shamrock, heart, ornament, turkey and pumpkin. I almost always notice, even when I try not to. Continue reading