It’s a Really BIG Day

Today is a really big day. It is the day that a friend launches her first book, Mommy Milestones.  I met her only two years ago, when her idea was a note pad tucked into her back pack. In two years she has brought this book full term, ready to meet the world. Today is … [Read more…]

Oil Change at 162K Miles

I successfully changed the oil in my car yesterday for the first time in my life. Granted, I had help from Gary, my husband. Per usual, I’m taking full credit and I have a bit of residual oil staining a couple of nails as proof. I decided to change my car’s oil in a state … [Read more…]

Still Stump-ed

My Broad Ripple pals did not respond to The Story of the Stump when it was posted. A few days later around the lunch table I asked if any of them knew the scoop. One enthusiastically talked about the various pictures she recalled but no one knew who is responsible and the whys behind it. … [Read more…]