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It’s a Really BIG Day

Today is a really big day. It is the day that a friend launches her first book, Mommy Milestones.  I met her only two years ago, when her idea was a note pad tucked into her back pack. In two years she has brought this book full term, ready to meet the world. Today is a big while a niece works as an R.N. in her first nursing job. She returned to school earning a second degree to make this a reality. She is brightening her patients and co-workers day with her sweet, competent kindness and compassion. She is an exotic beauty that will add art to their lives.

Today is a really big day. I exchanged texts and baby photos with loved ones before getting out of bed.  My heart and eyes smile hearing my son laugh talking with friends. He is safe from a night shift he works diligently. Today is a really big day as I head toward a university campus to perform health screenings. It is an opportunity to meet young people, fresh perspectives and concerns. These students are full of promise.

Later I’ll meet people more life-worn, often of many broken promises.  The working poor as they come to have their taxes prepared. Citizens like you and me.  It is a big day as I wonder what story or character will touch my heart, spark my imagination or ignite shared laughter.  Today is a really big day to be alive, encouraging and grateful.  Is today a really big day for you?

Creativity Month


January is dubbed International Creativity Month.  Whether cultural, cosmic or calendar driven I find this to be true in myself.  January holds the promise of a clean slate. The magic of a new calendar, those blank pages and the anticipation of adding the big deal events like, births, weddings, graduations is exciting.  Setting goals, updating plans works well while more house bond due winter and its short daylight conditions.

The narcosis of too much food, especially sugar and erratic holiday schedules has lifted. Even if I’m not in full swing the New Year energy of friends and colleagues is contagious.  The de-clutter bug is alive and well – an actual epidemic in January according to all the container ads and magazine covers at the grocery check out aisle.  I must have gotten a vaccine-a fail proof inoculation that prevents the De-clutter Bug from coming to our house.

I create a flurry of activity filing stacks of receipts by category into envelopes preparing for taxes and official closure of the prior year.  This always frustrates me.  I begin each year with a file system that I use consistently through March. By June or July I may do some catch up and then in the summer months apparently lose my mind.  I develop an aversion, a resentment or simple rebellion. It bothers no one but me.

My creativity challenge is to re-craft my thinking to adjust my behavior regarding household finances and record keeping this year.  It may de-clutter only a square foot of physical space but I suspect it will clear a great deal more creative space in my mind.  The strategies will include accountability and tasks like scheduling time on my calendar and evaluating my progress.

Consistent Attention is my goal for 2015. A quote to get me started is from Maya Angelou.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” 

Readers,  I appreciate your feedback and request that your lift me up with good thoughts as I do for you.

Be well.


Down Under

I was pleased to have a side gig recently representing Spirit Health Network at their smallest, rural hospital . It was a pharmaceutical sponsored program about vaginal atrophy. Inquiring minds might wonder, “How do you get women to show up to a public program about a vaginal health ?”

Never underestimate people! The spirited hospital staff decided to host a Halloween themed Ghoul’s Night Out instead of Girl’s Night Out. They rocked it with reservations for 170, terrific decorations and a spooky themed, finger food buffet rivaling any Pinterest postings. A winery was on
hand serving one complimentary drink for a modestly priced admission. This all speaks to the forte of Spirit and motivated, health professionals delivering Health-U-tainment by creating memorable events.

In preparation, I picked dog hair off of my corporate black suit, because it was all that would fit. I scheduled plenty of time to drive allowing for road construction or delays. Dressed, doing finishing touches, I decided to try and revamp my hair style. I tried many variations, pinning, clipping, and Continue reading

Confidence Training

My dad was a hero to countless people because of how he made them feel. In his company you felt like you were the most important person in the world, his most treasured friend. I was absolutely certain I was his FAVORITE Child, or at least his Favorite daughter, I am the eldest of nine. Now that I am older and wiser, I know that each of my siblings will tell you the exact same thing about themselves. This phenomenon ripples throughout all cousins, friends, former students and football players and honestly out to those meetings him for the first time. He did not know or recognize anyone as a stranger. He was amazing.

When we were little, Dad would coach us up. He encouraged hopefulness, always fostering a can-do attitude- imparting confidence. He taught us to always turn to prayer first and holding good thoughts second. He didn’t mention the idea of LUCK as I recall. Since little kids struggle with crossing fingers—We were instructed to hold our thumbs! Continue reading

Oil Change at 162K Miles

I successfully changed the oil in my car yesterday for the first time in my life. Granted, I had help from Gary, my husband. Per usual, I’m taking full credit and I have a bit of residual oil staining a couple of nails as proof. I decided to change my car’s oil in a state of austerity thinking along with raw stubbornness.
I drive a compact car. I am NOT compact. Fortunately we do have a couple of ramps to elevate the front of the car. I lined them up, eyeballing the width of the front tires while standing 10-15 feet away. I go to the driver’s seat and Gary yells, “No! Let me help you.” He grabs the ramps tucking and aligning each with a tire. “Just Drive and I’ll tell you when,” he instructs. I put her in gear and head forward just over and past the ramp on the right, lodging it beneath the car. Dislodge, realign, more coaching as Gary stands in front of the car. Continue reading

Still Stump-ed

Still Stump-ed

My Broad Ripple pals did not respond to The Story of the Stump when it was posted. A few days later around the lunch table I asked if any of them knew the scoop. One enthusiastically talked about the various pictures she recalled but no one knew who is responsible and the whys behind it. One stated, that would be a great story for our BR paper. I sent the story idea and link to the post and didn’t hear a word other than the automated response from the Gazette.

Since then, this little berg or village has been Continue reading


IMG_1064Imitation is said to be a form of flattery. Our nursing instructors must have felt proud by the constant array of compared symptoms and concerns we developed as we studied each body system. My hormonal headaches meant I had a massive pituitary tumor. My roommate, Debbie imagined she had bladder cancer while we studied Urology, then in Neurology she developed Brain Cancer. Girls across the hall cornered the market on gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. . . They even practiced talking as though trached.
I successfully avoided TB but did commission a hand-tooled fringed jacket from a long term TB veteran while on Pulmonary. Diane explored GYN issues when she seriously considered going out with a guy she met in the STD clinic. Ok, in truth many of us sought birth control at the student health clinic, in addition to valium, or a myriad of pain pills for sundry aches and pains. During Rehab the use of braces, crutches and therapy sessions always increased among our ranks.
I learned to speak in tongues during Psych rotation and enlarge my array of multiple personalities. Continue reading

Ugly Mean


I have been the villainous Nurse Ratched more times than I care to admit. Efficient, superior, and unbending. I have exploited power by harshly enforcing those deal-breaker “policies” like Visitation 600.29 when it suited me. I have been demanding and downright intimidating to some coworkers. I did all of this under the immature guise of leadership. These behaviors served me. I was given more responsibility, known as a dog for the details, an agent of change. I can’t help but wonder how many nightmares was I the monster or the topic of employee’s therapy sessions? Continue reading