Code Blue

“Code Blue. Riley Children’s 1st floor lobby. Code Blue. Riley Children’s 1st floor lobby,” was announced overhead. My colleague and I continued walking toward our destination as though nothing had happened but I was no longer completely in my body. I offered a prayer for the patient, the family, and the healthcare team responding.
The chill of that code blue lingered in my thoughts. It jarred the peace and calm I have come to enjoy in my life beyond the walls of a hospital. It made my heart hurt because it was at the children’s hospital where kids already face situations that bring many of us to our knees. It had me thinking about the operator who made the announcement, the parents and family and the patient’s outcome. I almost felt I’d heard this code with new ears, perhaps like many patients and families.
Next time I hear “Code Blue” I will stop momentarily as a sign of respect to offer a prayer. I am grateful for those who work to care for, heal and some days even save lives. I am thankful for a new perspective.

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