Convenient Is Not Simple

Day off task:  Get new primary care physician in Indy

  1. I want to stay in same health system
  2. Fully integrated electronic medical records
  3. Good to great patient service experience so far
  4. Did my research and due diligence- decision made

Now- let’s make it so!

I go to the ‘convenient’ on line chat. Here’s what happened.

joshua: Hello, You are connected now to joshua.

joshua: Hello. Thank you for chatting with a live operator at How may I help you?

Michele: Want to transfer physician records/change PCP from Dr Great Guy, Anderson IN to Dr. Hope You’re Good in Greenwood IN

Michele: This is for me and my husbad. We have moved to Indy

Michele: Husband, not HusBad—damn spellcheck

joshua: Okay. You can request your records from your old Doctor’s office or your new doctor can send the request over and get those records sent over. (ignores my witty word play….No sense of humor! Big tip off)

Michele: Do I need to access MY Chart to accomplish? I’ve not used My chart.

joshua: No. But you can login if you have an account and change your doctor’s name. (What?)

joshua: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Michele: “You can request your records from your old Doctor’s office or your new doctor…” To request records, do I need to contact by phone, during busy business hours? I’m feeling disappointed . Thought this connectedness could be achieved through this online chat.

joshua: I apologize no. You would have to call and request your records. We only assist with finding new doctors and general information.

Michele: UUhhhggg. Thanks Live operator. You have disconnected.

My laptop then butts in stating, “Ask Cortana about Joshua”……’s a sinister plot!

Give credit when due. I did get a call from Pt. Access person.   Two more calls. I’m back in 1990’s

Snail mail, sign forms and post back. Almost there……We’ve come so far, chasing our tails.

Convenient Is Not Simple


2 thoughts on “Convenient Is Not Simple

  1. Husband

    And I the poor husband ( free from spell check) am still floating in the cosmic debris of unassigned impatient patient. Alas the unintended victim of yet another swing set story. Help Mr wizard.

    1. Michele Wood Post author

      Consider, Tall Guy,that you are not a victim, but my Muse. In this,and many,situations we are Bemused. Making light is
      my attempt to Amuse. Thanks for chiming in.
      PS. documents signed and mailed.


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