Creativity Month


January is dubbed International Creativity Month.  Whether cultural, cosmic or calendar driven I find this to be true in myself.  January holds the promise of a clean slate. The magic of a new calendar, those blank pages and the anticipation of adding the big deal events like, births, weddings, graduations is exciting.  Setting goals, updating plans works well while more house bond due winter and its short daylight conditions.

The narcosis of too much food, especially sugar and erratic holiday schedules has lifted. Even if I’m not in full swing the New Year energy of friends and colleagues is contagious.  The de-clutter bug is alive and well – an actual epidemic in January according to all the container ads and magazine covers at the grocery check out aisle.  I must have gotten a vaccine-a fail proof inoculation that prevents the De-clutter Bug from coming to our house.

I create a flurry of activity filing stacks of receipts by category into envelopes preparing for taxes and official closure of the prior year.  This always frustrates me.  I begin each year with a file system that I use consistently through March. By June or July I may do some catch up and then in the summer months apparently lose my mind.  I develop an aversion, a resentment or simple rebellion. It bothers no one but me.

My creativity challenge is to re-craft my thinking to adjust my behavior regarding household finances and record keeping this year.  It may de-clutter only a square foot of physical space but I suspect it will clear a great deal more creative space in my mind.  The strategies will include accountability and tasks like scheduling time on my calendar and evaluating my progress.

Consistent Attention is my goal for 2015. A quote to get me started is from Maya Angelou.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” 

Readers,  I appreciate your feedback and request that your lift me up with good thoughts as I do for you.

Be well.


2 thoughts on “Creativity Month

  1. Pam Kolter

    I use January to hibernate……..treks to town are limited and I try to combine tasks and rid myself of them as quickly as possible. I spend the rest of my time reading and telling myself it’s normal to shun the rest of the world…….haha. By late to mid January I’m sick of staying home and begin to embrace the winter, at least as much as I’m able. I think bears have the right idea, if only I could do it all winter long.

    1. Michele Wood Post author

      Being the only daughter and source for holiday celebrations, you have earned the momma bear status. Thanks toots. m


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