My friend is a widow, a person of decorum and dignity. She’s not a prude, unworldly or naïve. She simply needed a flannel shirt to complete her Halloween costume. Parking near the store entrance at the busy mall, she lingered to make a quick phone before leaving the car. Chatting away she noticed a nice looking man walking toward her. He stopped a short distance from the car’s front. He unzips his fly and proceeds to urinate in broad daylight.

She was stunned, uncomfortable, even threatened. He noticed her midstream, shifting from full view to finish. He fastens up and walks right back into Dicks. She was appalled. She was compelled to report this incident. The store manager, a young guy strained to keep a straight face and ask questions. His behavior was awkward and unconvincing. He promised to contact mall security. She turns and comes face to face with ‘I.P. Freely’ leaving the cashier. She was livid, insulted, and demeaned again.

Still in need of a shirt, she stops again. She recounts her ‘mall-feasence’ to the next clerk.
Security was summoned. He too was disinterested. No evidence? No physical damage? Smirking and twitchy
he thanked her as he implied no harm no foul. Even her adult son later said, “Forget about it.”
She called. I laughed a little but I listened.

Admittedly we don’t know the urinator’s story. This likely qualifies as public indecency under the law. It is a form of sexual assault similar to the supposedly harmless perverts compelled to show their genitals in public. My friend is a nice person, confident and independent. She tried to be a good citizen. Dick’s manager did not respond appropriately. Who knows why? Perhaps due to a lack of training, no company policy or he was distracted. Maybe he deemed it inconsequential.

My friend was victimized. This situation was more awkward than serious. Nonetheless, she felt powerless,
offended and at risk. Victim thinking turns fear and anger in on self. She wanted to regain a sense of confidence and safety. Her attempts to report were met with ridicule. Gender bias is alive and well judging by the Dick’s manager and Mall Security.

This is long winded way to suggest developing a plan. I say, lay on the horn, take pictures.
My friend was fearful she might be shot. I did laugh at this and teased her, “It was a penis, not a hand gun!) There are crazy people out there. My son, a security guard, (not the one mentioned) advised VIDEO taping. Evidence is everything. Call 911. Close your eyes.

Talk about it. Get the skeletons out of the closet of uneasiness. Boo to the urinator! Boo to Dicks!
React. Opine. Let’s talk about peeing outdoors, unwelcome dick sightings, lost innocence.

4 thoughts on “Dicks

  1. peggy herrod

    I’m a little different. I definitely would have told him to cut it out right then, myself, without involving anyone else. If I had my camera handy, you bet I would have taken a pic. Then I would have followed him right inside, on his heels. This is surely a form of exhibitionism. Normal people just don’t do that. I wish I knew which location this was, and I’d go with this woman to do something stronger about this. Does anyone think this was the first time he had done that? Will it be the last?Let’s go back and take a picture of this scum. Post it around, embarrass him as he did to her.

    1. Michele Wood Post author

      Thanks Peggy. I appreciate your comments. I hope you’ll stay
      Stay engaged as other comments arrive. I suspect there maybe
      A wide variety of reactions and approaches.
      I expect to be be surprised . We’ll see. Thanks again.

  2. Madonna #6

    I remember as a little girl, maybe 7 or 8, sitting in the family wagon in the Zayre’s parking lot with our sister, Maryann. Mom ran in for something and we wanted to stay in the car–common back in the day–CPS would be called now-a-day! A man approached, stood in front of our car, whipped it out and started peeing! We were stunned and so scared. Protecting me, Maryann locked the doors and buried our heads. We were crying. I will never forget mom’s face when we told her. She was so upset. When she told dad, I thought his head was going to explode. He wanted to go find the guy.

    Why do men feel entitled to pee and spit whenever they feel the need? Women have those needs too, but we handle them discreetly.

    Sorry for the lengthy reply. “I P Freely and It was a penis not a gun” made me truly laugh out loud. Love u!

  3. Mitch Van Cleave

    I realize there is no comparison in the effects of littering and exosing oneself, there is a sense of entitlement that seems to be on the rise.

    I am shocked when I see folks in traffic, finishing their meal or their drink and lower the window to just throw the debris on the road. Have you ever said anything to these folks? I have. I don’t anymore; they are totally unaware that the action is wrong. I used to think they knew it was wrong, and were trying to be slick, doing it without being noticed. No, they are unaware.

    Chances are, any confrontation with mr. pee-pee will get the same blank stare and confused reply. While a small minority of the public, these folks make urban settings into pig zones. There is nothing constructive to do about it.


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