Forced Migration

Closure of a small portion of the aviary was necessary for reasons unrelated to the occupants. The number of feathered friends was few following successful moves to other worthy sanctuaries. The birds remaining were a ragtag flock of common species likely to fare well in transfers to two nearby wings of the facility.

It was the staff, the humans, whose feathers were ruffled with the news and the change to their routines. The flock nodded, blinked repeatedly and returned to daily routines. Staff flared, clicked, bobbed and shook until successfully reassigned.

The lead human, Old Bird, her beak grinding with occasional hisses and growls ran a fowl in her own disappointment over the surprise circumstance. Old Bird was agitated having had her perch pulled from her grip. Like her flock, she needed to fly, adjust perspective to create shelter and a more hospitable environment. Once the imminent danger was faced, Old Bird was able to flit, fly and sing familiar sounds in slightly different places.  Even old birds can learn new tricks.

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