It’s a Really BIG Day

Today is a really big day. It is the day that a friend launches her first book, Mommy Milestones.  I met her only two years ago, when her idea was a note pad tucked into her back pack. In two years she has brought this book full term, ready to meet the world. Today is a big while a niece works as an R.N. in her first nursing job. She returned to school earning a second degree to make this a reality. She is brightening her patients and co-workers day with her sweet, competent kindness and compassion. She is an exotic beauty that will add art to their lives.

Today is a really big day. I exchanged texts and baby photos with loved ones before getting out of bed.  My heart and eyes smile hearing my son laugh talking with friends. He is safe from a night shift he works diligently. Today is a really big day as I head toward a university campus to perform health screenings. It is an opportunity to meet young people, fresh perspectives and concerns. These students are full of promise.

Later I’ll meet people more life-worn, often of many broken promises.  The working poor as they come to have their taxes prepared. Citizens like you and me.  It is a big day as I wonder what story or character will touch my heart, spark my imagination or ignite shared laughter.  Today is a really big day to be alive, encouraging and grateful.  Is today a really big day for you?

One thought on “It’s a Really BIG Day

  1. Michele Wood Post author

    What a wonderful honor for you and the rest of the family. It’s amazing to learn what a rich legacy he left in his short 34 years.
    I hope you find some small comfort to know Joe was so loved and is still. M


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