Litany of Firsts

Firstborn, first girl, first word, step

First grade, first fears, embarrassment

First boyfriend, first kiss, first lie, first rejection.

First office of leadership and first creative writing class in eighth grade

First garter belt and nylon stockings

First bra, first period, French kiss and stuffing one’s brassiere

First eyeliner-harsh black paint stroked along lids newly open

First high school dances, first failures and a new degree of competition.

The litany is endless during those first two decades of a now, much older life.

First love paled compared to first heartbreak.

First betrayals were small compared to the many that followed.

First bad decision was simply not decide.

First job, first car, first apartment

First time feeling like a real adult then realizing, – wrong again.

Some firsts are magical, savory and memorable

Others simply lack luster

Some define my world

This is my version living first as a woman.

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