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Possible blog photos Mar 25,2013 023My writing life is evolving, pulsating, ebbing, and waning. Scratching the surface, scattering seed like chickens in a pen. Millet, cracked corn, husks and occasional bits of meat poured upon the page.
With the discipline of assignments and the cracked sash of a window of opportunity causes me to scribble with increased frequency and with fewer inhibitions. Words, usually in fragments, assault the page. They are a rash of thoughts, recollections, free of the architecture, more concerned with sensation and painting with language.
Exploration, surprise and confidence building is this practice. Sometimes it takes on a life of its own anything from a gentle to a persistent nagging to tell a story. I write to seek meaning, to explain. Explain away. Explain why. Explain or justify a reason for the story to be told.
Perhaps it’s another form of bulimia, purging the overindulgence and collection of thought, emotions that must be spewed out in relief. No, that’s not it. It was being heard, understood that made the process important. Witnessing the reflex, the response, reaction to the memory, the picture imprinted in some other’s brain that fueled this action.
The writing process has eradicated some of the outer layers of protection. It’s become a forum to account for my years on this earth. It may be a place of purpose – right words – right times. Right or wrong the words however are true to the times.
My writing is a flirtation, a seduction that courts fantasies, memories and myths of old tales. It is a process of word spew, rambling thought, emotional fetid air, sour milk, or a belch. Sometimes writing is a sudden gasp and cramp of memory. Reading the words on the page diminish the importance of a many stories in my psyche. It’s a mental de-clutter and sometimes resolution.
When I ask myself, what would I do if I were brave?
I would write and write again, edit, seek feedback and edit 10x. I would seek guidance to go deep and write long. To hone, carve, craft and deliver a message worth sharing.

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