1. Kate Arthur

    Great piece, Michele. You’re right! IT IS the little things, the ones you learn to work around, to diffuse with humor, to pretend you don’t understand, to try to forget ever happened because they embarrassed you. I’m sad this all happened to you–and I know you would offer the same condolence to any other woman, because, thinking back, we ALL have stories like these. Even if you weren’t raped, you were harassed if you’re female. We need to develop strategies that are more effective, so that when our daughters and grand-daughters are harrassed, they are absolutely prepared to know how to handle this, and how to make sure men clearly understand that they won’t tolerate it!

  2. Peggy

    This is so much the same as I had. I hate remembering working at Block and getting my legs felt and having him look up my skirt. It wasn’t only me, it was lots of us girls. Much of what happened to you, happened to me.

  3. Amy Frazer

    I know of no girl/woman in our age group who has not experienced overt or subtle harassment. I had hoped that things would have gotten better over several generations, and we are absolutely no further. But there is finally so much outrage that we may throw off the shackles of patriarchy. Thanks for sharing your painful past.

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