Anniversary 30 years… surprising, shocking, comforting, even triumphant. We both feel proud at our achievement. We proclaim our love/gratitude. Surprised how language of love morphs over the years.

Fern Pearson

Only weeks after awkward bed bath simulations on each other and not more than three patients, freshmen nurses were assigned to three half days of patient care on the medical-surgical services. Assignments were posted the afternoon prior to the big day. The freshmen sprang toward that bulletin board like it was a ribbon at the … [Read more…]

Writing From My Body

My dear friend, Connie calls me “A Crusty Cookie- tough and hard on the outside with a soft, chewy interior.” What kind of cookie would my body be? Perhaps a pale, unadorned sugar cookie or a snicker doodle with cinnamon sugar coating or a zesty ginger snap, exotic and sharp to taste but long-remembered?


With obstetrics and general surgery rotations behind her, student nurse Zelda was to begin Orthopedic/Neurology rotation that spring semester. Zelda had observed an abdominal surgery and even assisted passing instruments in  surgery, an appendectomy.  Her instructor was surprised by this fearlessness.  But, her confidence was sagging slightly after watching a hip replacement surgery. 

Talking to Girls

One of my favorite Oprah quotes is, “When you Know better, you can Do better.” She credits learning that from Maya Angelou. This has been a most helpful and loving reminder about changing. Several weeks ago I read an article posted by a busy mom I respect. The article is not ‘news’ since it was … [Read more…]

Back Rub

In preparation for nursing school, I was a nurse’s aide at St. Francis Hospital in 1969-1971. We had rules, lots of rules. It was a time of very stringent delineation of roles, each with its own strict uniform. Aides were always clad in flesh-colored panty hose and white leather shoes. We donned white short sleeved … [Read more…]

Why Swing Sets?

The action of rocking back and forth, the push and pull, the holding on and letting go are elements that excite and comfort me. Swing sets are a terrific reminder prompting many of the tales I want to share. The movement within a small space can reveal union, relationships, dreams and possibilities. I treasure and … [Read more…]

Litany of Firsts

Firstborn, first girl, first word, step First grade, first fears, embarrassment First boyfriend, first kiss, first lie, first rejection. First office of leadership and first creative writing class in eighth grade First garter belt and nylon stockings First bra, first period, French kiss and stuffing one’s brassiere First eyeliner-harsh black paint stroked along lids newly … [Read more…]