pansies-from-fernleaAn art project at age nine was using a sponge to apply watercolors to paper creating pansies. This child didn’t know pansies. But the process revealed heart shaped petals in purple and yellows. Ohhh, it’s a flower! A pretty flower. Her mother’s sincere acceptance of this gift of the pansy painting imbedded them into her heart.
Many years later planting the earliest of annual color she could find after a long Utah winter she labored on her knees in the still cool soil with a little of the sun’s heat on her back and planted pansies. Tucking them along the periphery of their garden she remembered the pansy painting and her mother. She blessed the little plants asking for blooms strong, vibrant and long lasting.
The pansies thrived all purple, yellow, violet and white until summer set in. They lived a quiet small life during the more intense heat. Eventually showy mums overcame the borders during the fall.
Another winter and then spring gifted her with the most unexpected blooms. Pansies! They sprung from the soil on the borders of the beds like dancers heralding in a new season. They were vibrant, tenacious but fairy-like. Hats and skirts fashioned from perfect heart-shaped petals of purple, yellow and occasionally cat-eye variation of brownish green. Some were bold begging for attention. Others were less showy but still beautiful. The blooms seemed to curtsy and lift from one movement to the next but remained grounded by their roots. This gift of nature and nurture was a source of strength.
Much later that older woman longed for spring and hope wanting to capture the color, the magic of life she remembered. A tiny bite of life she no longer felt. She hadn’t expected that a short ride and knocking through the local garden center would result in the necessary fix. Greeted by the jeweled tone blooms, purple, yellow and now flirty robin egg blues. The perfect heart shaped petals were the prescription she needed.
Her current tiny life still loved and craved pansies. Once home she potted, arranged and caressed the much needed color. It gave her hope and restored security. She remembered her art, her mother, the seasons,needs and hope, the endurance and beauty of the pansy.

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