Pope Fan Folly Precedes Committed Pope Francis FAN

IMG_1014.jpgrevThe Pope Francis Fan is a promotional item that can be customized on the back panel. I suggested a relative who works for the Archdiocese. She passed on the idea. I simply couldn’t give up on the idea so I ordered some samples. Admittedly I did approach this with a little fun in mind, but after witnessing my cousins’ reaction upon receiving one and the competitive response from those who did NOT. I knew it was a winner.
Dutifully I mailed one to the slighted cousin. Apparently she showed to the nuns at her parish. They wanted them too. They approached the Chatard football coach whose wife is a vice president here at Bright Ideas in Broad Ripple. This stimulated a plan for the two of us to order some personalized promotion Pope fans to see if they would sell.
My motives have become more personal. Selfishly, I wanted this to be my “signature” bright idea. Meanwhile I continued to be impressed by the humanness, humility and heart of Pope Francis. Then I saw the video of the flash mob in the Vatican. OMGoodNESS, cardinals dancing in the streets!
I believe that Pope Francis is a tremendous leader with a well-documented sense of humor. I am using the Pope fan as my personal Travelocity Gnome. I invite all who are willing to include the pope in your travels. Take a photo of the pope fan in action and send to me via email mkw5810@yahoo.com. Include any story that might be important to the photo, although a picture is worth 1000 words. This may be my ticket to the Vatican!
Sightings have occurred internationally in Spain, and Mexico. In the U.S. Ohio; Boston Mass: Slope County, Bismarck, Fargo, North Dakota; Minnesota, Florida, Washington DC and on a national Twitter feed about the Colts. Have fun. Be creative. Laugh. Pray the 5 finger prayer from the Pope. I have sold 3000 to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for the National Catholic Youth Conference hosted in Nov 2013 in Indy. St. Paul’s Catholic Church used them in their Lenten programs in southern Indiana. I’d love to sell more. Thanks for your consideration.
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One thought on “Pope Fan Folly Precedes Committed Pope Francis FAN

  1. Joyce Golden

    What a great idea Michele! I’m not Catholic, but I love Pope Francis. I really do feel he is trying his best to teach Christians how to truly be Christian. I would buy one!
    Good luck!


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