Response to Dirty Little Secrets in Mighty Nurse

We are only as sick as our secrets and our secrets keep us sick. Working conditions in healthcare are less than optimal.  I think we need to move beyond the grief and resentment and figure out some actual solutions. Without reimbursement, there will be less healthcare, technology, and intervention.  Additionally we each are responsible for our attitudes and actions.

Perhaps it is time to capture the attention of the general public with a massive, advertising campaign teaching them how to give healthcare glowing satisfaction scores. We need a Mary Poppins affect of a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine— the tough stuff, pain, impairment, economic losses of illness separate from the care to address it.  Maybe subliminal messaging embedded in TV’s, EMRs, waiting and family areas, hallways and cafeterias about the wonderful world of healthcare similar to a Disney ride would make everyone happier.

We act quickly removing impaired personnel, those suspected of drug or alcohol abuse on the job. That is entirely reasonable because they are unsafe, with impaired judgment.  They could kill someone. But current reimbursements (up to 30%) are evaluated on the responses of hospital patients, diagnosed as sick, impaired, frequently altered by medications, removal of organs or introduction of foreign objects. Sounds a bit like the crazy alien abduction stories.  Are they of sound mind? Would they have been better off at home without the care rendered?

We need to harness all the creativity, compassion and knowledge to combat negativity within our ranks and in public domain. It is eating us up.  Illness, disease, accidents, wars are the problems, let’s work together to satisfy the needs. We are not a spa or vacation destination.  What is the consumer really buying? What is we are legitimately selling? How we maintain our own health and well being? I for one appreciate this and other forums for exchange of ideas, discovery and, tough love and laughter.

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