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Book Review

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My Last Step Backwards is a great title and good advice in a world encouraging constant self improvement. The beautiful woman on the cover is, quite literally, a beauty queen. Author Tasha Schuh is well educated, young, glowing, is full of possibility and promise with a radiant smile. Like many a gift, this is the pretty packaging. Inside reveals devastation and triumph.
Are you are drawn to life-altering drama, perils that overwhelm the imagination and surprise endings? My Last Step Backwards reveals much about modern day family life in a small Midwestern community, aspirations of youth and emerging womanhood. But the real story is of grit, determination, love and a very deep faith. It broke my parent heart. It made me feel admiration for family, friends and healthcare providers. It shattered some of my own beliefs and experiences as a nurse.
I ached for the periods of delirium, depression and utter fatigue. I was humbled again and again. I learned that I have much more to learn about faith, focus, grace and gratitude. What most people see when they meet Tasha is her losses. Tasha Schuh is a C5 quadriplegic due to a fall through a trap door preparing for a high school production.
The fact she alive is a miracle. Amazingly she describes ‘being saved by a disaster.’ Tasha is not just alive, she is vibrant, on-the- go, and educated. She is a professional inspirational speaker who shares her journey and its lessons. She drives. She inspires. She loves, laughs and worships. Tasha is a very public personality and has written this book.
Tasha Schuh makes the world a better place and anything is possible. Read her book. Hire her to speak. Get inspired. Become her student for she is wise and wonderful.
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