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Blogging 101 Day 9

It’s hard to explain what draws one to another. For instance, scrolling through hundreds of URLs of Blogger 101 participants I selected checked out five of six. Two of the sites lingered with me. http://kenwhitehawk.com and kidneyingaround.wordpress.com.
Both address much of the unseen or poorly understood, Native American, Ken Whitehawk honors sacred traditions and is gifted in seeing beyond the here and now doing psychic readings.

Kidneyingaround’s author has a great sense of word play, and speaks with an authentic patient’s experience of both political activist and someone affected by chronic illness and depression.

It’s always about the conversation and how a story unfolds.
Sometimes my job is to be a vessel or container for words. Sometimes a messenger while other times a touchstone or connection. I love the journey of learning and living.

Good Neighbor Blogging

What a terrific assignment today! Comment on a minimum of four blogs that I’ve never commented on before. In the current Blogging 101 series there are literally hundreds participating. All are listed by site so it’s a buffet of lowercase, no space websites.
Pretty much like reading crepe paper banners of alphabet soup.

I landed on some interesting sites but cannot recall and failed to copy the URLs. I signed up to follow so I know they’ll be in touch.
One lobbed serve over the net, it’s their turn now.

The beauty of having an assignment to wander, explore and make new acquaintances is an adventure without travel. Therefore no packing, iffy bathroom breaks and unpacking!) There are those who get out there and actually travel. Blissfully readers can enjoy their photo journals of places and people they meet. What a generosity.

Our real life adventure included seeing a new family physician and location and dinner with some cousins tonight. That’s guaranteed fun. Be Well, and do all the good you can do!