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Flatland Girl Seeks Mountain Air

At 23, I was certain that I was all grown up, a full-fledged adult. Less than a year out of nursing school with a disappointing love life and more confidence than deserved I was convinced that a professional adult destiny was to strike out and leave home. Life loomed, an uncharted future required action. I snatched pieces and parts of others’ stories of travel, sport, adventure and position. Snow skiing was on my list. I planned, persuaded and cajoled trying to create a ski vacation.
It was a time (30 years before the internet)when there existed “travel bureaus” and talent experts called agents to provide ample color pamphlets about every kind of travel, often with personal testimonials or industry spin. Sometimes travel incentives were included in low seasons like an extra night’s stay, a meal or welcome reception. Amenities like this screamed elegant! Continue reading