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My Little Shopper

The Littles, our young granddaughters are here often usually under Grandpa’s watch. They are familiar with everything in the house and quick to question variations especially about foods and activities. As a gleeful grandmother of girls, I shop for them often. Nothing extravagant, just play clothes, undies and pjs. I keep stuff on hand in case we need to clean up to go out in the world or changes due to spills or accidents. My favorite is getting them bathed and ready for bed.

I keep this stuff in the bottom drawer of my night stand. Hailee, the oldest and ringlet-headed leader, is all about new clothes, checking for any new items and getting first pick. That nasty habit COMPARISON begins so early. Sometimes I’ll buy them the same outfit to avoid a fight or because they are so close in age they could be called ‘Irish Twins.’ (Lordy, I hope this isn’t insulting given my Catholic roots and advancing age.) It tickles me how excited and curious they become over a package of panties, just like a lot of us big girls. Maybe it’s the prospect of new elastic.

One day last week bare-footed Hailee emerged from ‘her room’ wearing a pair of fuchsia socks that matched her outfit. Grandpa and I complimented how pretty they looked. When her folks arrived, her dad commented, “You have socks. Where did they come from?” “My room,” she stated. Her mom teasingly said, “In your room, where?” Hailee turned and looked at her mom and replied, “I got it from the I-need-it-drawer.”   End of conversation.