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Down Under

I was pleased to have a side gig recently representing Spirit Health Network at their smallest, rural hospital . It was a pharmaceutical sponsored program about vaginal atrophy. Inquiring minds might wonder, “How do you get women to show up to a public program about a vaginal health ?”

Never underestimate people! The spirited hospital staff decided to host a Halloween themed Ghoul’s Night Out instead of Girl’s Night Out. They rocked it with reservations for 170, terrific decorations and a spooky themed, finger food buffet rivaling any Pinterest postings. A winery was on
hand serving one complimentary drink for a modestly priced admission. This all speaks to the forte of Spirit and motivated, health professionals delivering Health-U-tainment by creating memorable events.

In preparation, I picked dog hair off of my corporate black suit, because it was all that would fit. I scheduled plenty of time to drive allowing for road construction or delays. Dressed, doing finishing touches, I decided to try and revamp my hair style. I tried many variations, pinning, clipping, and Continue reading