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Cloe & me

Cloe & me

One of my favorite Oprah quotes is, “When you Know better, you can Do better.” She credits learning that from Maya Angelou. This has been a most helpful and loving reminder about changing. Several weeks ago I read an article posted by a busy mom I respect. The article is not ‘news’ since it was written in 2011 but, “How to Talk to Girls” by Latina Fatale was an eye-opener for me.

Citing an ABC news report , nearly half of all three- to six-year-old girls worry about being fat ! this got my full attention. Fatale, author of, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World presents statistics about extremely early use of makeup, dieting and eating disorders on the rise and girls’ self esteem tanking. I learned that I perpetuate a behavior that is likely very negative.

Yes, I too, habitually notice the stylish outfits, beautiful shoes and all sorts of hair decorations, coordinated, matching sisters, and little girls dancing about like fairies. They are adorable so I compliment them affectionately about how amazing they ‘look.’ I just hadn’t considered the full affect of my words.

The next time I saw my nephews’ daughters, I held my tongue about how they looked. I found myself at a major loss for words that really surprised me. I noticed and now I KNOW better. I plan to remain aware and develop new comments and inquiries when talking to girls. I don’t want to minimize their dreams or tarnish their opportunities now that I can DO better.

3 thoughts on “Talking to Girls

    1. Michele Wood Post author

      Thanks Katie. I appreciate your feedback. As a mother to boys, I just hadn’t realized. I’m good with being a work in progress.

  1. Christine

    So true! Maggy had a friend come home after school in first grade and she asked for water instead of the offer of milk I had suggested. She told me water had no calories! I was shocked!


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