Walking Wounded Caring for Patients


Healthcare and healthcare workers of all disciplines are weary, under appreciated, fearful about the overwhelming responsibilities, liabilities and lack of security. Patient acuity and volumes are high. Nurse to patient ratios in many places are unrealistic. It is stressful, raw, gritty work regardless of all the shiny, electronic and adaptive tools. Healthcare is still a wonderful, miraculous, important calling. I believe it’s imperative that we help the on the job warriors to heal themselves and their work groups.

What if we had the same quality and quantity of tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, and love we give away to patients for ourselves, our coworkers, leadership and our families? What if our families, hospital leaders, coworkers respected us as we do our patients and vice versa? What if there was no we and them, but quite simply, US? band (2)
I remember a midlevel leadership telling administration that front line staff needs to know or wants greater transparency about hospital finances. They got it. At first it was great, but after a time it created more fear and distrust. Fear and questions created greater discord and rabble rousing on the units. This example is similar to the 5 or 6 year old asking about Santa or the Easter Bunny. They want to know. You fess up and their face falls.
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Innocence lost cannot be restored. What’s needed is HOPE. Create some success that builds Faith and Trust. I would love to use my 40 years of nursing experience to work with businesses, organizations and individuals sharing messages of strength and hope laced with laughter.Nurse, speaker, entertainer

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