Why Swing Sets?

togethThe action of rocking back and forth, the push and pull, the holding on and letting go are elements that excite and comfort me. Swing sets are a terrific reminder prompting many of the tales I want to share. The movement within a small space can reveal union, relationships, dreams and possibilities. I treasure and smile instinctively at the memories of gurgled laughter, squeals of excitement from infants and toddlers and the mirrored adult responses from the older children, parents or grandparents.

Swings sets were a place to meet, to serve as base, or challenge others’ metal. It became a place of infatuations and puppy love. What about porch swings, hammocks and gliders? I wonder how many secrets, aspirations and apologies they heard during their creaking chant. So for me, Swing sets can set me free or hold me in place. I need both.

Swing Set Stories is a tiny tribute to my mother who was a wonderful wordsmith and brilliant story teller. Additionally, it is a dedication to my youngest son who comforts himself with swinging. He calls this his form of meditating.

5 thoughts on “Why Swing Sets?

  1. Katie

    I can’t wait to read them all!!! You have amazing insights, intellectual guidance, and a super funny sense of humor! Loved reading your art!

  2. Michele Wood Post author

    Thanks for your very kind words. So far it’s a great experience sharing and getting feed back. There’s lots more to come.


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