Writing From My Body

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy dear friend, Connie calls me “A Crusty Cookie- tough and hard on the outside with a soft, chewy interior.” What kind of cookie would my body be? Perhaps a pale, unadorned sugar cookie or a snicker doodle with cinnamon sugar coating or a zesty ginger snap, exotic and sharp to taste but long-remembered?
Am I a gingerbread woman, tanned, slightly puffy with thick arms and kegs? My body is quandary of articles, organs, and pathways. It is a myriad of mixes, shapes and presentations.
It is a light skinned vessel that lights up and glows a bright red with heat. It has a big-headed orb covered in shiny silver hair. My face has rosy red cheeks from broken blood vessels…deep set eyes with lids hanging lower with each passing year.
An excellent skeleton of museum quality holds me erect and has never failed or broken. Broad shoulders and wide hips provide two powerful trestles for strength and resilience. My ribs cradle the precious organs that work for me 24/7 without a single day off. Encased beneath it lies my heart a mystery to me so much of the time.
Can you imagine a cookie with a heart inside? I’ll settle for raspberry filling in cookies.

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